Online financial services iPad apps

Online financial services iPad apps

From banking and bill paying to credit card and brokerage account management, who doesn’t do most of their financial service transactions online these days? We’ve been managing financial services via desktop for years, and using smart phones for almost as long. Of course, we manage financial services via our iPads, and smart financial services companies are creating apps specifically designed for the media tablet.

The problem with relying on a website and smart phone app is simple. A standard website may be a little to complex to navigate easily via an iPad, whereas a smart phone app may not provide all the screen real estate and features that an iPad could make use of.  

Ideally then, companies aren’t just re-using the apps they’ve already created. Apps that are designed specifically for iPad features will be much more successful because they can use the features of iPads to make the app more user friendly, and optimize the user experience. Potentially, these improved apps may affect the users’ choices of financial services companies. Almost certainly, the improved apps will improve customer satisfaction levels. 


The new financial services iPad apps extend beyond paying bills and user account management. In a move that will surprise no one, content such as investor magazines, is also being delivered through iPad apps. 


Personally, I’m still using the standard desktop websites, but I expect that will change soon. Have any of you migrated to managing your financial services using your iPad? If so, please share your experiences. Are the apps you use optimized for the iPad, or are you using the standard website or an iPhone app?