MapQuest iPhone App Review

MapQuest iPhone App Review

Can you trust the voice?

As someone who had spent years driving without a GPS, with either a map or scribbled directions in one hand, and gripping a steering wheel with the other, while I franticly scanned street signs, I truly appreciate a disembodied-voice-enabled GPS app that tells me just where to go. I even appreciate that app when my husband is driving. I simply let the app tell him where to go, and save myself the bother. 


Given that background, I love having a GPS app on my iPhone. I appreciated getting a free one courtesy of MapQuest. The MapQuest 4 Mobile app, however, does have its quirks, quirks that may leave you in some, shall we say, interesting situations. The corn field in Forest Lake, instead of the restaurant to which I thought I was headed, comes to mind. 

One thing that puzzles me is when the directions it comes up with when I use the MapQuest website don’t match the directions I get when I use the mobile app. It seems that they would use the same database of location information and the same mapping algorithms, and so yield the same result. 


Yet that doesn’t always happen. I have learned to double check though, and when the directions don’t match, it seems the website offers more accurate results. I then send those to my iPhone and have them available, but I lose the disembodied voice telling me where to go, and I’m back to clutching again. 


Given this, I’m considering actually paying for a GPS app. Do you know of any apps that are accurate and reliable for iPhone?