iPhone 5 released and reviewed

iPhone 5 released and reviewed

Larger screen, lighter feel, but what about the maps app and sales?

Any Apple product release generates a huge amount of speculation and hype. The iPhone is no different, and may even generate more than its share. It could be full-time job to track the speculation and match it to the actual release. Thankfully, we have tech reporters and bloggers to do that for us. 

The iPhone 5 was released last week, and though the reviews are mostly positive, Apple may have had a misstep or two. I had a chance to take a look at a friends, and overall, I was impressed by what I saw. I liked the larger screen; screen real estate can be a precious thing! Also, I really appreciated how light it was. Some reviewers were put off by the light feel, thinking it felt cheap, but as someone who’s ripped a pocket or two with heavy phones, a light one is appealing. 


The change in plugin has caused a lot of angst, understandably so. After shelling out a couple of hundred for a phone, most people would prefer not to shell out more for adapters or additional cords. In the long run though, I think that the smaller plugin, which allows for a thinner phone, will be appreciated. 


I haven’t experienced this directly, but news reports and reviews have been full of the disastrous maps app, some suggesting that this indicates the loss of Steve Job’s passion for perfection, and predicting the downfall of Apple. Maybe so, and it is not unusual for a corporation to become so large it is in danger of imploding. 


iPhone 5 sales were a mixed bag. Although they were stronger than previous releases, some analysts thought they were not as strong as they should have been. Other analysts believe that customer buying patterns have evolved, with more choosing to pre-order. The sales for pre-orders aren’t accounted for until the customer has received the phone, so the iPhone 5 may still achieve stellar results.