IPad Mini sales strong despite short lines in Apple stores

IPad Mini sales strong despite short lines in Apple stores

It may be making inroads to competitors' products.

The iPad Mini was launched a couple of weeks ago, to the usual fanfare and speculation, and I was curious just how sales would turn out not only for the mini, but for the updated full-sized tablet also. Here’s a quick update of the current state of iPad world. 

Lines of shoppers in Apple stores to purchase the mini were short. If sales were strong, however, it suggests that many consumers bought their minis online, and the strength of pre-orders supports this. Another possibility is that some consumers may have bought multiple units, though the analysts did not mention this.  


Some analysts feared that sales of the mini would affect sales of the full-sized iPad, but this did not seem to occur. The mini, which still commands a premium price, may be making inroads against competitors’ less expensive products, because a substantial number of iPad mini buyers owned a competitors’ device. 


Apple didn’t break out sales of minis separate from other iPad sales, so it is a bit difficult to know exactly how much was sold of each product. 


It does appear that the less expensive iPads sold more briskly then the higher priced ones, but naturally, there are more buyers who can afford a less expensive product. 


Have any of you purchases either a mini or the latest generation of iPad? If so, did you own a tablet before, or is this your first one? Is it meeting your expectations and are you happy with your purchase? Please share your experiences with other Klat readers.