iPad Mini to the market

iPad Mini to the market

Will you get one? Will it help Apple's table sales?

As is likely true of many of you, every time I hear that Apple is releasing a new product, I calculate a couple of things, namely how I can afford it and when I will buy it. Sadly, it usually stops with not being able to afford it, but it is fun to dream for a few moments. 

I do love my iPad with a passion, although it still has a cracked screen. It’s heavy, too, and definitely not a pleasant thing when I’m lying on my back, reading, nod off, and the iPad drops from my hands and lands on my nose. 


So, because of the cracked screen and the weight of my current iPad, I might be in the market for a mini. I use my iPad mostly to read, surf and check e-mail, and a paperback book sized device will be fine for that. I also do use it for writing and art if I’ll be away from home for any length of time, so I’m a little leery of how it will work for that. The iPad Mini’s screen looks to be stunning, and is probably plenty large for many apps. 


The iPad Mini will be available to pre-order October 26, and they are scheduled to start shipping November 2nd. I’ll be watching the sales numbers for these; interestingly enough, general iPad sales have been disappointing according to the Business Insider website. 


Will the iPad Mini help spur sales and turn Apple’s tablet sales around? Please let us know what you think.