App Review: TCM Clinic Aid

App Review: TCM Clinic Aid

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a fascinating field, which covers methods of pattern diagnosis, and therapies such as acupuncture and herbal medicine. Although far different from conventional Western medicine, TCM is still very complex, and requires years of in depth education in order to be a competent practitioner. Having resources on hand that facilitate review of pattern diagnosis, and the various therapies, will make the practitioner’s life much easier. 

Whether you are a TCM practitioner, a student or simply interested in this field, you may find the the iPhone app, TCM Clinic Aid, very handy. Although I am not a TCM practitioner, and so I don’t prescribe herbs or perform acupuncture, I have taken a acupressure certificate course. I wanted to be able to help family members and friends with minor issues as they arose. I didn’t want to drag stacks of books around with me where ever I went, so I looked for an app that could help me locate appropriate acupressure points. 

Overall, I’ve been pleased with the TCM Clinic Aid app. The app makes it easy to search by disorder, for example, migraine, and then find herbal remedies or acupuncture points to be used in treating the disorder. The acupuncture points are illustrated, so it is easy to find them on the body. The medical description for location is also included. 

The information on the TCM herbal remedies also seems extensive, and includes photos of the various herbs. I think it might be difficult, however, to positively identify all the herbs just from the photographs. 


Are there any TCM practitioners who have an app you like to use in your practice? If so, please share your experiences here.